Satark Punekar Mobile Application

Satark Punekar Mobile Alert, is an android based application for smart phones. This application is used for sending emergency alert to Pune CCTV Command Center. The application has facility to capture a photograph or video clip. There is also facility to type description of the incident. The application automatically captures the current location of the camera. All this information along with the photo / video is uploaded to the server, which is alerted in the Pune CCTV Command Center within 30 seconds.

User Manual

Steps To Install:-

  1. Before installing application, please enable the GPS / Location Setting on your phone.
  2. Install the android application with name “Satark Punekar”
  3. After installing the application, one time user registration window will be shown.
  4. Enter the mobile number
  5. Enter full name
  6. Enter the Aadhaar number (Optional)
  7. Select the gender
  8. Click on Register button
  9. After one time registration, you will see the home screen of an application.
  10. On home screen, you will see the registered mobile number, full name, directions according to location i.e. Latitude & Longitude.

How to Use:-

  1. The user profile button will show user’s information.
  2. The alert history button will show information about previous incident/s sent by the user.
  3. The user has to write information about the incident in the “Describe incident” text box which will help police to get information about the incident.
  4. Using “Take Photo” button, the user will be able to capture the image of an incident. By clicking on “Send” button, the user can send the captured photo to Pune CCTV Command Center as an investigation proof after accepting “Disclaimer”.
  5. Using “Capture Video” button, the user will be able to capture small clip of an incident taking place. By clicking on “Send” button, user can send the video clip to the Pune CCTV Command Center as an investigation proof accepting “Disclaimer”.
  6. Based on user’s current location which is received along with the video or image, police can also locate the information sender as well as the place where the incident has taken place.
Download Application User Manual

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