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Lost Report FAQs

Pune Police has consistently been adopting new methodologies and technologies to enhance its service delivery capacity. Our endeavour has been to identify areas where newer means can help in reducing public inconvenience. Lodging a police report about a lost document becomes indispensable where it is a prerequisite for reissue of the lost document e.g. a passport. Such losses are very often detected by victims after a gap of time and even the exact place and time of loss may also not be known to them. In particular, persons travelling through Delhi or tourists rarely find it possible to go back to the place where the article or document may have been lost and lodge a report in the Police Station for getting a new document issued. Therefore Pune Police has decided to enable mobile and web based reporting of such lost/missing articles without the need to go to a police station. This report can be lodged from anywhere in the world and a printable digitally signed report is instantaneously sent in response to the complainant.

Visit Pune Police website www.punepolice.co.in and follow the ‘LOST REPORT’ Module.

A digitally signed 'LOST REPORT' will be instantaneously sent back on the complainant’s mobile phone and e-mail address.

The "LOST REPORT" bears a unique Lost Report number (LR No) about the information lodged. This LR Number can be used for future search and retrieval of a copy of the report.

This is not an emergency response service and should not be used to contact the police if: A crime is taking place or is in progress. The suspect(s) involved in the crime is/are still at the scene or in the vicinity. Someone's life or property is in immediate danger. Someone has been injured in the incident. The report pertains to a missing person. Physical evidence such as blood stains, fingerprints have been found at a suspected scene of crime. Missing/lost articles are related to any crime. In the above situations or in any other emergency: Always call 100 or contact the nearest police station

You may have accidentally provided a wrong e-mail address or your e-mail inbox is full. You may also contact the Pune police at 020-26121299 to check your report.

Any person can verify the 'LOST REPORT' by filling LR No. in the search link of the application on the Pune Police website www.punepolice.co.in.

You can lodge a police report through this application if you have lost or misplaced any article/document in Pune.

This is only information to police. The Police will not investigate or make any enquiries on the information lodged in this Application but will only keep a record of it for future reference by any person or agency.
Except the fields of day (DD) and time (HH- MM), all other fields are mandatory.
False complaint/information to the police is a punishable offence.

Yes, The system works online.

You have to take the following steps to get a soft copy of your Lost Report: Click on Lost Report search button. Then select the Lost Report you want to download. Enter your e-mail id, if you wish to receive your Lost Report copy on email. The copy of your Lost Report will appear on the screen and if E-mail ID has been mentioned, a copy of lost report will be mailed simultaneously.

You have to click on the (+) button in front of the first Lost article to add additional lost items.