1Arm Licence Form B - Outside Authority (New)
2Arm Licence Form A - Individual (New)
3Application For Transport Licence 2016
4Application Form and Advertising for Police Prosecutor
5Application Form and list of Documents to issue the Arm Licenses
6Application form for the grant or amendment of licence to possess and sell explosives
7Arm Licence Form A - Individual
8Arm Licence Form B - Outside Authority
9Arm Licence Form C - Sports Person
10Arm Licence Form D - Institution (Bank , Company etc.)
11Cyber Cafe Form
12Ganesh Festival-2014 Permission Form
13Ganesh Festival 2014 Permission Form, Code of Conduct, Speaker Permission form
14Ganesh Festival 2014 SOP regarding permission for pendol
15Ganesh Festival-2015 Permission Form
16Hotel Licence - Eating House Registration Certificate, Hotels and Place of Public entertainment license, lodging
17Hotel Licence - Hotels, Lodge license renovation form and List of Document
18INDIAN PASSPORT FORM - Self Information Form
19Notice For Arm Licence
20Performance Licence - Theater and Multiplex Licence Renovation Form
21Performance License - Application for Performance License, Premises license, Sale of Ticket License and Documents
22Performance License - Application For the Grant of Premises or Performance License for Conducting Activity - Form DD IV
23 Performance License - Application for Video -Cinema license
24Police Clearance Form
25Right to Information Act Form
26Tenant Information Form
27Traffic Branch NOC Forms
28Welfare Activities Form

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