General FAQs
1Can a common citizen meet the C.P. Pune ?
Crime Branch
1What do I need to do to report a robbery ?
2 How do I safely volunteer for an Accident ?
3 Does the Police have a Night Patrol ?
4Where do I get information on Pune Parking Rules ?
Arrest and Bail
1What is 'Arrest"?
2 What is meant by "Bailable / Non-bailable offences"?
Externment & Preventive Detention
1 What is meant by externment?
2What is preventive detention?
3 What are the executive powers (of CP/DM & other empowered officials) to prohibit certain acts for prevention of disorder?
Prohibitory Orders
1 What is meant by Prohibitory Orders?
2 What is the penality for contravention / breach of prohibitory orders under section 37 B.P. Act 1951?
1What is a Passport?
2Where is the passport application form available?
3What are the fees for issuing a passport ?
4What is the procedure if the passport is lost?
5How many days are required for police verification?
6What are the documents required to apply for a passport?
7What is the procedure if the applicant is minor?
8What is procedure for change of name after marriage / divorce?
9List of applicants entitled to Emigration Check Not Required stamp (E.C.N.R.)
10What is a VISA?
Use of loudspeaker at public meetings / processions
1Do I need permission for using loud speakers?
2 Do I need licence for public show of cinema?
3 Do I need licence/ permission for dramatic/ mimetic/ musical performances?
4 Do I need to take permission for organizing a morcha/ dharna/ public meeting or rally?
5 Do I need licence for public show of cinema?
6 What is Noise Pollution?
7What are the ill-effects of noise pollution?
8Restrictions / limits of noise level : (Timings etc.)
Hotel Licence
1Is a Police licence required for Hotels, Restaurant, Eating House, Tea Stall, Juice Center etc.?
2 From where the Registration Certificate is issued?
3 What is the fee for obtaining a Registration Certificate?
4 Is it necessary to obtain a licence from the Excise Department first and then from Police?
5 What kind of licences are given to Hotels from Police Department ?
6Where is the Police Licence available?
7 What kind of a licence is required for a permit room?
8 What kind of Licence is issued for a guest-house/ lodge?
9 What is FL-III and FL-IV and how it is obtained?
1 How does one procure a new Arms Licence?
2 How much time it takes to get a new Arms Licence?
3What is the procedure to procure a New Arms Licence?
4Which documents are needed for obtaining a new Arms Licence?
5How an Arms licence is renewed?
6 My licence has expired three months back. What should I do?
7 My licence has expired more than a year back, what should I do?
8 Licence holder was out of station and hence could not renew the licence in time. What is the remedy?
9How should I obtain a T.J.P. (Temporary Journey Permit)?
10 How do I get a licence for property protection (Per-Pro Basis)?
11 My father/uncle/husband/ relative was a licence holder. He expired and now the licence or the weapon is in my possession. What should I do ?
12 My father/relative is old. He wishes to give me his weapon. What is the procedure?
13 My All India Arms Licence was issued in another State. I want it to be registered/renewed in Maharashtra. What should I do?
14 I want to make my licence issued for one city, valid in the whole of Maharashtra. What is the procedure?
15 I want to make my licence valid in the whole of India. What should I do?
16I want to sell my weapon. What is the procedure?

Pune Police

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